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The Story of 5 Circle

It all started in the treatment room . . .

Clients approached me with different skin concerns but with the same request: "I just want a simple routine that really works."  I knew that meant targeted skin care products with the most effective actives so you can have the skin you want!
The 5 Circle Skin Care line is extensive because every person's skin is different. However, you can achieve your skin care goals with as few as 5 products. 

 5 Circle Skin Care products work because they are goal-specific.  What we do is help people narrow down their goals, match them up with the right products and organize their skin care routine. 
Denise Bell

"The secret to beautiful skin isn't a secret... it's a habit."

5 Circle at the 2022 Emmy Awards

5 Circle at the 2023 Grammy Awards

5 Circle Skin Care

by denise bell

Products with a goal, with specific ingredients to target your skin concerns. Your skin type and condition matter and we get that! For you to find the right combination of products, there is no substitute for a one-on-one consultation with a real esthetician. We are here for you. Try 5 Circle and see how balanced and beautiful your skin can be!

"I love 5 Circle products because they are recommended by an esthetician, someone who works to make skin beautiful and glowing every day, so I know it’s going to work for my skin. It’s not just something bought in the drug store. After a facial there is nothing better than keeping that feeling the rest of the month using great products. I get nervous when I run out!"

- Kathy S.

Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist

"I have been using Denise Bell’s 5 Circle products for years. I work outside and am always worried about sun damage. The Solstice SPF has been a life saver for the long days in the sun. I also can’t live without the Yogi Peel and VC Serum. Ever since starting to use these products my skin has never looked or felt better."

- Paige B.

Equestrian, Trainer

"I love 5 Circle’s Glow to Bed Cleanser and Supernal Serum. As a surfer it’s super important that I keep my skin hydrated (ironically being in the water all day dries my skin out), and when I get off the lake I need a great cleanser to get my face clean and the super hydrating Supernal Serum. This cleanser cleans without drying my skin and leaves it feeling super fresh then Supernal plumps my skin. I make sure I never run out!"

- Leigh F.

Professional Wake Surfer

"I just have to say how much I love starting my day with Bright and Early Cleanser, followed by my personal favorite that I would never dream of leaving my house without, the tinted Solar Shield. The perfect pair in my daily skincare routine. Thank you Denise Bell for helping to pick the perfect products just for me."

- Sarah S.

Author, Model, Autism Activist


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